The environment and us

Each of us must contribute to ensure a future to the environment.

From the beginning, the path and the growth of our winery has gone hand in hand with a commitment to environmental sustainability. We officially follow the standards for integrated agriculture dictated by the Piedmont Region. We have abolished the use of herbicides; the natural revegetation of the vineyards contrasts the soil erosion and attract helpful insects like ladybugs and bees. In order to fertilize the stressed vineyards, we only use composted cow manure. Moreover, in between rows, we sow barley and legumes to guarantee nutrient-rich soil for the vines through the green manure technique. The frequent and prompt green pruning prevents the onset of fungal diseases and minimizes the number of treatments, among which we give priority to copper and Sulphur solutions. We are so lucky to own about 6.5 hectares of mixed and deciduous woods that surround our vineyards as a horseshoe, creating an ideal microclimate for them and hosting many wild species.

The new cellar was designed with the aim of reducing the environmental impact and maximizing energy savings. Inserted inside the hill and following the natural profile, it is completely insulated to reduce thermal dispersion. The photovoltaic system on the roof produces over 50,000 kWh/year of clean electricity from renewable sources, enough to cover the needs of the cellar and the nearby farmhouse, avoiding the consumption of about 13 tons of oil and the consequent emission into the atmosphere of 26 tons of CO2.


Here is a short list of measures that we put into practice every day in order to respect our planet and "bio-diverse" species that populate our property, and to produce wines free of chemical residues.

Bees: There are lots of them (especially on the borders of lavender), harmless and incredibly industrious.

Breakfast: We choose local products and, when available, fruit from our small orchard.

Butterflies: In the beautiful season, they fill the garden with colors and are competing with the bees for domination of lavender.

Cyclic invasions: We are accustomed to the visits of various insects: bees, wasps, fruit flies. We are tolerant because, after all, remind us of the changing of the seasons.

Deer and roe deer: They are fond of the bark of small fruit trees, sometimes with disastrous consequences, but what a thrill when we have the chance to see one of them!

Fertilizers: We do not remove the scraps of pruning, we just cut them up to facilitate their transformation into natural fertilizer.

Green energy: We use a wood pellet boiler for space heating and solar panels for hot water production both in the winery and in the agriturismo. The photovoltaic system on the roof of the cellar produces clean electricity enough to cover the needs of the cellar and the nearby farmhouse.

Hawks: Every year, a pair of hawks that hunt in our valley comes back to visit. From spring until late summer, the echo of their verses keeps us company.

Herbicides: We have completely banned them. Among the rows we sow barley and legumes, which, in addition to counter the growth of weeds, feed the soil and the vines.

Honey: We buy the honey that our children eat and that we offer in the agriturismo from a small beekeeper who has the hives few meters away from our vineyards.

Linen: To avoid unnecessary washing and reduce the impact of detergents on the environment, a daily change of linen in the agriturismo rooms is carried out only if specifically requested by customers.

Ladybugs: Fortunately, among the cyclic invasions of insects there are also those of the ladybugs!

Manure: We use only cow manure to fertilize the "lean zones" in the vineyards.

Moles: We tolerate them too, in the garden and even in the vegetable garden.

Orchard: We recently planted several fruit trees. They are still very young, but some of them have already given us satisfaction. Eating fruit freshly picked from the tree and still warm from the sun is a whole different story!

Vegetable garden: From spring until the first frosts of autumn, we passionately devote ourselves to our little vegetable garden: 50 square meters of which we are very proud of and which provide us with most of the vegetables we need. From the garden to the pot...

Waste: We carry out the recycling of waste generated by the winery and the agriturismo.

Water: We drink only tap water, thereby avoiding plastic bottles. Besides, it's delicious!

Wild boars: There are plenty in our woods, and sometimes also in the vineyards, but until now have been extremely discreet.

Woods: We are lucky enough to own about 7 ha. Oaks, poplars and much more that surround our vineyards like a horseshoe and are home to many birds. Their chirping is the only "noise" you will hear when you wake up.

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